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Previous Books is the name of our largest publishing imprint. We take books published a long time ago and bring in just the right person to reimagine them in a modern context, perhaps even in another genre. In this way we can give new life to the ideas and characters of another time in our time.

ReImagine Classics is a similar imprint, but it is only for, you guessed it, reimagined classics - classics from the Harvard Library of Classics. Again, we bring in writers to specifically reimagine these books in a different genre. A good example would be "A Man Who Would Be King" by Ruyard Kipling reimagined as a science fiction story. 

Then we have Crooked Oaks StoryBook Honey Farm. We bottle honey from our bee farm and with that jar of honey comes a limited edition book - you scan the QR code on the bottle and download a special limited edition of a classic children's story or perhaps an original story about the bees that made your honey.

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