eBook Edition of The Hunter's Gambit

eBook Edition of The Hunter's Gambit

"The Hunter's Gambit". First book of the Epic Fantasy Series "The Archanium Codex". Available on Amazon right now! 


A demon magic, defeated long ago, has returned. Two men, named by prophecy, aided by Angels, sentient Forests and their own magical gifts, must defeat to it save everyone and everything they love.


This is the story of a seemingly-simple world gone mad, and the reality that every action, no matter how apparently benign, can serve to unravel terrifying truths. This is the story of Aleksei Drago, farmer, Hunter, and Jonas Belgo, Prince, Archanium Magus. Their story, and so much more, awaits you in this first book of the Archanium Codex Series.

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    The Hunter's Gambit is an Epci fantasy novel, the first in a 10 book series called the Archanium Codex. This is a digital product and will be delivred to you wither through email or, if you click throough to buy from Amazon, through your Amazon device. 


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